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Drew from Rhubarb
January 29, 2024

The question to be answered is how tech and AI can act as our companions on the digital journey, empowering not just our future but also where we, as individuals, infuse humanity and soul into tech and AI. We are experiencing a transformative change where individuals are no longer viewed as mere data sources but are recognized as willing contributors to their information, trusting that it will be used for positive purposes. This shift emphasizes the collective benefit derived from shared knowledge and expertise. In this new paradigm, technology and social media are tools that work for our benefit, reversing the dynamic where we used to serve the interests of the tech and media giants.

Remember the intoxicating promise of early social media?

A vibrant mosaic of shared experiences and connections that spanned continents. But, somewhere along the way, the threads twisted, the colors dulled, and the networks morphed into something altogether different than we had imagined. We became pawns in a game of engagement and likes, our data fueling an engine built on profit, exploiting every notion that defined us as individuals.

But now, new, hopeful choices emerge. A different kind of online interaction is growing, fueled by the enthusiasm for specific activities instead of self-importance. This new space encourages true passion and soul, focusing on shared experiences rather than how popular something is, creating a place where honesty and understanding come together. Back in 2020 right before the pandemic, I shared my throughs on a more human future with tech which has been realised through Rhubarb.

Rhubarb's innovative gardening platform marks a significant shift in this evolving digital landscape. It bridges the gap between global knowledge and local insights, offering a new approach to online engagement focused on community and shared passions rather than superficial metrics. Our tool transforms how garden enthusiasts and professionals interact with each other and with data, providing tailored advice based on a blend of AI, local and professional wisdom. It's a step towards more meaningful digital interactions, where value is measured not in your personal data, likes or shares but in real andtangible community contributions and the enrichment of everyday life.

Rhubarb's creation has been driven by our desire to fill a gap in the gardening community. We conceived of a hub for people passionate about local food production and gardening. According to National Gardening Association, a third of all households share this passion. By leveraging the hyperlocal knowledge and citizen science fostered by Rhubarb, an "Agrihood" is emerging. This concept celebrates the everyday heroes of home gardening, from neighbors sharing wisdom to the local nurseries easily syncing with particular rhythms of the local seasons. Creating an Agrihood strengthens food resilience and connects people to the earth (soil) right in their backyards.

We built Rhubarb to embody a new era in social interaction. We are shifting the focus from digital metrics to enriching human connections and harnessing data for communal good. In this space, similar to other platforms that value human experiences, Rhubarb stands as a beacon for home gardeners, celebrating their quiet yet significant contribution to both the environment and community. It's a call to step away from superficial online interactions and instead join a movement that values authentic engagement, and fosters a genuine sense of community. Through Rhubarb, we rediscover the essence of connection, one that is rooted in shared passions and collective wisdom, paving the way for a more connected and sustainable future.