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"Ask Ruby" Food Gardening AI is live - Early access beta is open.
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What makes
Rhubarb different


the community garden starts
at home

Fostering a sense of community enhances the enjoyment and success of gardeners. Rhubarb is the only app offering shared gardens for multiple users, creating collaborative opportunities and enabling collective maintenance. There is a shared sense of success and celebration of gardens when you can open the gate and allow others to participate in your garden.

Facilitating tailored assistance and guidance from local garden centers or other professionals leads to more informed and successful gardening experiences. Rhubarb is the only garden app where a professional can remotely observe and coach gardeners with their personalized support and advice as if they were physically present. 


You realize how valuable context is when your
garden is connected

Rhubarb uses the collective power of citizen science (the collection of individual 'citizen' contributions) to help you grow thriving, sustainable food gardens.

Spring hotter than usual? Rain on vacation? Critters multiplying faster than your zucchini? Rhubarb connects you with real gardeners in your area. We tap into local knowledge based on real-world experiences, which means practical tips and advice contextual to your specific needs. 

Share your own experiences and learn from others. Rhubarb fosters a vibrant community where gardeners and experts can connect, ask questions, and offer guidance. Focusing specifically on food gardening and highlighting local knowledge distinguishes us from ad-driven apps and the distractions inside mainstream social networks.



The heart of Rhubarb’s ecosystem is a unique fusion of gardeners, schools, professionals, government entities, products, retailers, clubs, and research institutions. Together, they form Rhubarb’s  "Agrihood", the backbone of home food gardening.

The Agrihood represents the first digital ecosystem for the gardening community and its growers. This network facilitates connections between gardeners and the broader industry. Knowledge, resources, and enthusiasm are shared and intertwined, creating a mutually supportive environment.


Connect the dots
from simple actions
to global impact

Understand the impact of all you do.

The journey begins in the garden with a seed of innovation — transforming a pastime into a measurable force for sustainability. Rhubarb helps you understand the positive impact your single garden has on the planet. We track the big picture, showing how small daily actions like growing your own food can add up to a global difference.

We're not just about plump tomatoes. We want to illuminate how home food gardening benefits the Earth. By gathering tracked garden data, Rhubarb empowers you with the knowledge to see how your garden choices directly reduce CO2 emissions, save water, and minimize food waste.



Just like rhubarb, which takes two years to mature before offering a delicious perennial harvest, Rhubarb's Ask Ruby will grow as a powerful intelligence resource from persistent gardener input. Built with our proprietary "Bilingual AI", it merges unique user-generated content with open-source AI models.

This deliberate evolutionary approach provides gardeners a companion that learns, adapts, and enriches their gardening journey. Rhubarb’s Ask Ruby is the fertile ground where human insight meets technology.

Like the enduring strength of rhubarb rootstock, Ask Ruby delivers continuous yields and expands over time, fostering a more compassionate, intelligent, and genuinely human approach to gardening.