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A trusted social space for individuals and professionals passionate about food gardening. We help people grow food at home, aiming to make gardening accessible to everyone and reduce the environmental impact of food production.

Ruby Insights

Optimal watering times this week based on the forecast...

It's time to move from ornamental landscapes to edible foodscapes. 

Together, we make home food gardening a personal victory and a communal achievement. With Rhubarb, every successful backyard harvest contributes to a broader goal: a community—and a world—that understands the impact of cost-efficient, local, sustainably grown food.

your home food garden matters more than ever.


Industrial Agriculture's Legacy

Industrial Agriculture's Legacy

Nearly half of all the fruits and vegetables produced worldwide are wasted.

The Economy of You

The Economy of You

A simple activity to counter the new norm of price spikes and shortages. $10 lettuce anyone?

Vegetable Road Rage

Vegetable Road Rage

The supply chain contributes to upwards of 80% nutrient loss by the time it reaches our plates.

Your Patch vs. Industrial Farm

Your patch vs. Industrial Farm

They mono-plant, water, add pesticides, process, package in plastic, transport, refrigerate, dispose. You just grow.

It Just Takes a One Seed

It Just Takes a One Seed

Collective impact when 1 of 4 households grow lettuce, single-use salad plastic bags become unused plastic bags.  

Protects Big Crops, Not You

Protects the Crops, Not You

You are what you eat. Home grown vegetables can easily be pesticide free.

Homegrown for Good Health

Homegrown for Good Health

Achieving recommended health and wellness standards is more common with produce grown at home.  

My, That's a Lush Green Lawn

My, That's a Lush Green Lawn

Most of this municipal water is also wasted on ornamental landscapes due to poor timing and application.

More than a community,
an Agrihood

When you join Rhubarb, you benefit from personalized insights and advice for enhancing your food gardening experience, while also contributing to the wider global community of food gardeners.

By sharing your experiences and insights with Rhubarb, you help create a collaborative, knowledgeable, and supportive community. So, not only do you benefit from expert guidance, but you also make a positive impact on the world of food gardening.


Supported by you + our resident A.I.

Our resident intelligence, Ruby, utilizes citizen science to harness local knowledge, data shared by professionals, and individual gardeners tending their plots. Ruby translates this knowledge and data into personal, location-specific insights and advice for every individual to enhance their food gardening experience.


Stories behind what we grow and eat.


Enjoy a peek into the goodness of Rhubarb with a sample taste of Ask Ruby, our blend of citizen science and advanced AI. At its core, Ask Ruby combines the wealth of community-fed data with OpenAI's GPT-4 prowess.

It's a knowledge hub, providing on-demand, conversational insights into sustainable food growing and community wellness. The recommendations aren't generic—they're localised, fine-tuned by Rhubarb's proprietary algorithms, and grounded in the unique patterns of each community.
“Rhubarb makes our planters smart!!"
“Ruby’s AI is really interesting. It took me a moment to realize I wasn’t actually talking to another user! It even asked me questions to see if I needed more information.”
“I really like the insights, its helpful and gives me confidence my black thumb is turning green.”
“It's winter and all I have are my window herbs. I’m inspired by everyone in warm climates. The Aussies have opened my eyes to new methods  I’m stoked to test this spring here in Canada.”
“When I open Rhubarb and see all the plants others have been planting I get really excited to tend to my veg. I get a bit competitive now - 2 weeks and my eggplant will rule!”